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PREMIUM PET Strapping.  Suited for Automatic Block and Brick Strapping

12 x 0.7mm

406mm core ID,

Colour: Green


2300 mts per coil

Appr. 320 kg average breaking strength

On average 9,1 g/m,

Innovative production technique (LS-Technology) allows a
reduction of grammage with almost no loss of strength

The reduced grammage brings down the portion of packaging of the good and thereby contributes to the protection of the environment

Quality characteristics of PREMIUM PET Strapping as

■ Strap end is secured in a bag inside the paper core

■ new and high-quality pallets

■ coil is foiled instead of strapped 

 therefore it remains intact


Thanks to double screw production technology and

high-quality raw material, this strap is splitting-free


Strap end is secured in a bag inside the paper core, thus

avoiding problems resulting from pulling a tape etc. into

the machine


Coil is foiled instead of strapped, thus preventing the

strap from damages at the strap edges resulting from



A new die technology allows for a reduction in g/m with

almost no loss in performance and breaking strength.


Premium PET Strapping 12mm x 0.7mm

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