Baling Tape Size Guide

Hassle-Free Way to Strap the Bales

Choose the correct Baling Tape size to secure bales – here’s how!

Purchase the correct tape for your bales from the get-go with Baling Tape Direct. Looking for the right measurement of Tape for bales could be tricky, that is why we have come to help. 

The best way to determine the exact size of the Tape you need is by measuring the width of the strand of your existing Baling Strap. We have two sizes available in the shop. See if what you’re looking for is among the Tapes that we have in store for you.

9mm Baling Tape

baling tape guide 9mm

If you’re going to use the tape for cardboard or plastic bales that weigh between 5kg to 225kg, then what you need is a 9mm Baling Tape.

13mm Baling Tape

baling tape guide 13mm

The 13mm Baling Tape, on the other hand, is often best suited for cardboard and plastic bales, which weighs in at 225kg up to 325kg.  

16mm Baling Tape

baling tape guide 16mm

We also have a size that’s perfect for huge packages or heavy cardboard and plastic waste materials. This Baling Tape can be used for recycling materials that weigh more than 325kg.

19mm Baling Tape

For bigger bundles, we have an even bigger size. The 19mm Baling Tape is often best used for cardboard and plastic bales that weighs more or that has more materials in the bale. 



Please note that this guide doesn’t give a guarantee on the accuracy of the tape size you may need. It varies on how many straps the baler can accommodate. Should you have any inquiries, contact us by email or phone and we will provide you with the right recommendations..