Baling Tape 9mm

Strap your plastic waste or cardboard bales with this durable Baling Tape


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Our Baling Straps are made with premium-grade materials that will surely secure bundles of waste, whether for recycling or disposal. Whatever the size is, our tapes are suitable for all types of cardboard and plastic balers.

This size is normally used in smaller packages.

Product Details:

  • Suitable for every type of Cardboard & Plastic Baler including, Mil-tek, Orwak, Mac Fab, Kenburn, Strautman, Bramidan, Dicom, Pel, LSM, KK and many other Baler Types also
  • Suitable for all Types of Cardboard and Plastic Balers
  • Made from a Special Formula which makes it very flexible, soft to the touch and as a result is much safer for you and your employees to use
  • Anti-unravel Design which prevents it from needlessly falling of the Roll
  • Suitable for Bales up to 220 Kgs
  • Free Safety Knife for safely cutting the Baling Tape
  • 2 Free Samples available if you want to try before you buy - (see home page). 
  • 100% Money Back Product Satisfactions Guarantee
  • FREE Delivery to UK & Ireland


1. Breaking Strain: 250 Kgs

2. Inner Diameter of Core 76 mm

3. Outer Diameter of Core 80/84 mm

4. Core / Tube Wall 2/4 mm

5. Strap Width 9mm

6. Baling Strap length per Coil: Comes in 2 Optional Lengths: 250M or 500M. 

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baling tape dimensions


Here at Baling Tape Direct, we go above and beyond our duty in providing you with the most durable Baling Tapes and Straps in the market. 


Baler Strapping

Baling Tape 9mm

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