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A Recycling baler can be used for baling various recyclable materials, though they are mainly used for baling cardboard and plastic.  If you already use or are considering using a Recycling Baler, you will most likely need to use Baling Tape to tie the Baled product.  Some of the Larger Balers use Baling Wire, but for most small to medium sized businesses, the Balers require the use of Baling Tape to tie the Baled Cardboard and Plastic.

Here is the typical Baling Tape used for tying recycled bales.  Baling Tape Direct sell this product at a most competitive rate.  To buy this product please visit our homepage on this site.

Recycling baler twine generally requires the use of a Baler to compact it so that is is more economical to transport it to the recycling centre.  Again this can be secured with baling tape on it has been compacted in the Baler.  If you are searching for a recycling centre that processes recycled baling twine, you should search for an Agricultural recycling centre in your area.

Recycling twine requires a similar  process to recycling baler twine.  If you have large amount of used twine, you may consider purchasing a small recycling baler to compact it into small heavy bales so it is much more cost efficient for you to take to your nearest recycling centre.  As with most baled material, baling tape is ideal for for securing the baled product.

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