Baler Strapping

June 24, 2015

Why do some people know Baling Tape under different names, such as Baler Strapping.

There is no differecne in the product, it all does basically the same thing, it ties Baled Cardboard and Baled Plastic.  Baler Strapping is a soft but strong and durable product and is recommended for use in just about every cardboard and plastic baler / compacter across the uk and Ireland.

We provide Baler Strapping in various sizes, including 9 mm x 250M, 9 mm x 500M, 13 mm x 250M, 13 mm x 500M and 16 mm and 19mm in various sizes including heavy duty versions for those requiring a stronger than normal Baler Strapping.


Baler Strapping Baling Strap

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